"Welcome to Wendy's. Will this be for here or to go?"

"For here. I want to sit near da pretty, pretty plant."

"Okay. And what would you like to order, sir?"

"Ummmmmmmmmm....What happens if I can't finish da whole meal?"

"Well you can take the rest with you. We have bags."

"OKAY. And If I order a salad, could I pour half da dressing on da salad leafs, and save da udder half to dip my frenchers in? Instead of using da ketchup?"


"And can I dip my chicky chicky sandwich in da chili? To enjoy it more?"

"Yeah I mean... We don't have strict rules. This is Wendy's."

"Okay den... I'll have a salad, a small order of frenchers, a chicky chicky sandwich and some chili. And I am gonna dip da sandwich in da chili like I said. Fair warning."

"That's fine, sir. Will that be all?"

"No... I want you to prepare a double cheeseburger. And den throw it away."


"Make a double cheeseburger, but don't give it to me. Throw it in da garbage. I'll pay for it."

"We can't do that, sir."

"How come?"

"Because it's stupid."

"Nah, nevermind dat. I'll just take da udder stuff."

"Okay. Your total comes to $4.23"

"Wait a willy... My total needs to be $1.55 or less... 'Cause dat's all I brung with me."

"Well... you can order something from the Valu Menu..."

"No tanks. But I still wanna sit in da dining area for a lil bit. Next to dat yellow-hair guy over der."



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