I'm "typing" this entry with speech recognition software. I'm wearing a headset microphone, and the computer is translating my spoken words into-- Hello? Oh, hey Larry! How's it going? And how's Carol? Are you still working at the Banana Republic? Jeez, I'm sorry to hear that. How did you get fired? Well I guess you shouldn't bring that kind of stuff to work. But does the mouth feel realistic? Well does it have good suction? Well then how about the pulsating feature? Very nice. So listen, how long are you in town for? Oh that's too bad. I was gonna invite you to Chuck E. Cheese's with me and Laura and the kids tonight. You were blacklisted? Can I ask why? Wow. Well at least you got a chance to test out the pulsating feature in a community place. That's important. No, you're not bothering me. I was just working on my web page. Oh hang on a minute, I accidentally left my speech recog--

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