Hi, friend. My name's Bradlee. I write timeless and substantial songs and transmit them over the web, free of charge. How come? Well I don't know anymore.


From about the age of 6, I displayed an innate ability to mimic nature sounds and bird calls. Animals did what I told them, and humans respected me. What's strange is that none of this great stuff really affected me. I floated above it nonchalantly. And literally. That's why I'm important to science.


This was a really rough time for me. Kids at school didn't get me. They didn't understand what I was all about. I tried to discuss French literature and chess openings on the playground, but nobody cared. Not even me. I was vaguely suicidal and sick for love.


Life became a tumultuous joke. Female buttsex consumed my thoughts, but none of the girls I knew would go for it. I finally gave up my ambitions of east-coast celebrity and moved west, like a Native American pushed away from his KOOLAH BATEEKA MACKA MACKA. That's an ancient Indian witchcraft rod and I don't have time to explain it right now.


Life still sucks. Thanks for coming to my web page, though



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