At Thunderbird Online College, you'll learn real-world skills that lead to high paying jobs. Terry Lord is a graduate of Thunderbird's Space Food Program:

"Loading up the spaceship is the most important job. The astronauts do important work too, but they couldn't do it without space food. Imagine if NASA launched a rocket to Mars and forgot to load the space food. My job is to remember to load the space food.

.....Sometimes I forget.

Terry completed Thunderbird's Space Food program in just 2 months, earning his degree and paving the way to real-world success:

"NASA is a good company to work at and my boss is pretty good. He is a Chinese man. My coworkers like the same sports I do. Sometimes we drink Pepsi Colas on the job and it is so sweet on my little teeth!"

Only Thunderbird Online College offers accredited short-term degrees in fields like NASA Warehouse Clerk, and Spaceship Waste Management.

"The trip to Mars will take four years total and the astronauts will need like 5000 pounds of food per month or something crazy like that. The space food comes into the loading dock on unmarked palettes. I am supposed to open each case of food and sort it out to add some variety to the astronauts' diets. However, I have sampled all the different space meals and the Huckleberry Cobbler is by far the best, so I will just order those from the warehouse to make everybody's life easier."

Thunderbird Online College is the best way to stay competitive in today's job market.

"I feel like I have accomplished so much in my life, and Thunderbird Online College has really given me the edge I need. When I tell my old friends that I work for NASA they are always like, 'really?' and I'm like,'Yeah.' "



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