"Whoa.. whoa..."


"What's that on your neck, baby?"

Barry twisted up his face and rubbed his neck and shivered.

"Oh...ow!!... Oh yeah..."

"Yeah, the red lines. That looks like it hurts."

"It does, Barbara."

"How did that happen?"

"Well... I was on the elevator at work and this gal tried to get on while the doors were closing. My hands were full so I couldn't hold the door open for her."


"Yeah. So I stuck my head through the gap while the doors were closing."

"Oh my God!"

"The lady was freaked out by it."

"Jesus... I imagine so."

"She wouldn't get on the elevator. It started closing again so I stuck my head through the gap again."

"Again? ...Why?"

"What else could I do?"

"Let it close."

"But there was the lady there, and--"

"And did she get on the elevator?"

"What do you mean?"

"...Nothing... Nevermind."

"So by the fourth or maybe seventh time I realized she wasn't going to get on the elevator and I was late anyhow and getting light-headed, so I got off and took the stairs."

"Honey I think we should go see Dr. Divorsky tomorrow. That does not look too good."

"It's fine, Barbara."

"Hmmm... no no... we should let Dr. Divorsky decide."

"It's fine......... Barby baby."

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