Police surveillance transcript

HM = Hit Man
VC = Vindictive Client

HM: Okay, here's how it's gonna work... You give me three names tonight along with the money, and you'll have 24 hours to change your mind before the hits are made.

VC: Understood.

HM: Good. Now gimme the first name.

VC: Mickey Rooney.

HM: Mickey Rooney? Seriously?

VC: Yeah.

HM: But he's a little old man. And he seems like such a nice guy.

VC: Seems like.

HM: I don't know. I'll have to think about that.

VC: Think about what? You're a hit man. Kill him.

HM: What could you possibly have against Mickey Rooney?

VC: Nevermind.

HM: Well... who's the second target?

VC: Bea Arthur.

HM: Now wait just a Goddamn minute. Bea Arthur is a national treasure. I'm not killing her. And probably not Mickey Rooney either. These people are old. They're gonna die soon of natural causes anyway.

VC: You promised! A promise means something where I'm from. Listen... I have your money. You have no business getting emotionally involved here.

HM: I know, but.... You want me to murder Bea Arthur and Mickey Rooney? What did they do to you?

VC: You said no questions.

HM: Alright... but.... JESUS!

VC: And also? I want them to die slowly. And painfully. I want them to squirm. I want them to ooze and moan. Nothing too candy-assed. Have a little fun with it.

HM: ...............

VC: Either you do the job or somebody else will. Bea Arthur and Mickey Rooney must die.

HM: .....FUCK! ...OK..... Who's the last target?

VC: Pat Sajak.

HM: We're in business.

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