November 17, 1954
Patient examined by Dr. Spode
Minutes transcribed by Dr. McCarrol

Patient exhibits signs of moderate-to-severe swelling of parietal lobe. Condition worsening

Patient now refers to hands as "pick-em-ups" and refuses medication.

Patient hasn't the wherewithal to dress in ward-issued garb and is repeatedly found nude, clutching own genitals with pick-em-ups and humming through oscillating fans.

Upon examination, Dr. Spode ordered that Patient's xylophone be removed from Patient's possession and carefully transported to Dr. Spode's office for research.

Dr. Spode has been heard amatuerishly tinkering away on said xylophone for hours now. He just needs to figure out the melody. We all need to. Like the cosmic fife blown hotly on walls of uncaring ivy. Love, don't spurn this unprofessional transgression. I have pined to make poetry from shitty, thin medical notes for so long. There must be melodies stuck between the crackpots, I always insist. Alas, poetry is not in the prose, but in the Prozac.

I haven't the wherewithal to dress in ward-issued garb anymore... Hummmmmm...

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