Now, I'm not a therapist or a guru or even a high school graduate, but I've used the techniques in this book with great success, and I believe you can too. Overcoming anxiety and depression is not as hard as you think. With my simple tools, you'll learn to accept yourself for who you are and earn the respect of high class people. You'll improve your attitude at work and reinvigorate your sex life. You'll discover new elements and mathematic formulas that answer complex philosophical questions about God.

Now, I don't pretend to have a high IQ, or an average IQ, or even a non-retarded IQ, but with my simple methods, you'll obtain a special power which I call Hot Sox, which enables you to manipulate the temperature of your socks or slippers with very little effort. Sometimes it is not easy.

Now, my legally blind stepson might not be the best athlete, and he might not have the most friends, and he might smell a bit like a beefy soup, but I think fireworks would look so cool at night in the sky tonight

Now, I'm not going to sit here and pretend that carpenters build things from wood, or that Jason Seaver was wasting his time with Maggie Malone, or even that blacks and jews are equal to whites, but what I can tell you is about my tummy ache because I ate too much Cheetos and hammy ham and I always do that so much.

Now, that lady's silly hair just made me laugh very hard! And I want to see some baby piggies this week because they are so fun to have a day with. And I just like them for their style. That is so awesome to me so see you everybody ahve a good weekend

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