I finally struck a deal with the sheriff's department. Read it and weep:

"Dear Bradlee,

The Denver Sheriffs' Department wishes to cease negotiations. We hereby agree to supply you with 175 pounds of chicken, beef, or shrimp in a clean black bag as per your request.

This is "settlement meat" which is intended to end your claim stating that Denver police officials stole from your possession a crystal sphere containing damp socks at the intersection of Washington and 11th avenue, near our downtown headquarters, which your picket signs and banners describe as "The Bermuda Triangle of Missing Damp Socks In Crystal Spheres."

This is not an admission of guilt, but an attempt to stop the harmful nature of your accusations and constant picketing near our premises. The meat will be delivered to your home by the end of this business week. Please do not contact us about this issue again."


Year In Review - here's some out takes and zany bloopers from 2007 which never saw the light of day. Probably for good reason... but you should see the box of shit I'm not posting. I recorded a song called "Tuck It In, Mama" for example. Here's the words: "Tuck it in, mama, tuck it in..... Tuck it in, mama, tuck it in..... Tuck it mama baby tuck it mama baby mama, tuck it in mama mama, tuck it in."

Forget Me Not - I promised my mom I'd never do a song with a whistle solo. sorry....

I Like You A Lot - I kinda wanted to finish this one, but hey... that's why God invented the fade-out

We'll Be Friends Again Tomorrow - Supposed to be a duet with my sister.

Nothing Ever Happens Here - I recorded this the day Bob Barker stepped down. That's all I remember

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