As an amateur scientist with absolutely no training, I was compelled to test this theory regarding eastern Japan shortly before the earthquake and tsunami wiped out all those people. Thousands of dogs were exhibiting unusual behavior around the city of Sendai. Some dogs kept sniffing the air a lot. Some other dogs barked at the front door and wouldn't eat their food. ...And THEN... the earthquake happened. And then the tsunami happened which was even worse than the E-Q.

Was it their heightened sense of hearing that triggered this behavior? Or do some dogs have a special type of super-perception, like the magnetic cells in pigeon beaks that always guide them home? If so, could this super-perception exist anomalously in other species, namely humans? Is there a way to isolate it? To fabricate it? To sell it?

I've been doing a bunch of tests on people before, during and after earthquakes and tsunamis and I can't figure it out. Plus I can't predict when earthquakes are going to happen so the data is hard to come by. For instance if I'm in the middle of boning your half-black sister and a tsunami happens, I gotta stop what I'm doing, find my instruments and start testing people. It's a pain in my rump.

Another science test I'm doing involves the proven fact that after two years, your pillow's weight is roughly 1/3 human skin particles. MY discovery is that after you sleep on your pillow for like six years, it becomes one HUNDRED percent skin. I will do more science later.

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