Julie couldn't sleep, so she hitched her wagon to an impossible star and prayed for it to take her some place good. She started rolling through suburban Jerksville very late at night and she kept rolling faster until everything looked crooked and wonkity.

Then she rolled some more.

She rolled past circus caravans with waving bearded ladies, and she rolled past Wienermobiles and nitro-burning funny cars and Indians on silver horses. She rolled through the Iron Age and the Bronze Age and the Formica Age. She rolled through inner space and middle space and outer space, and she rolled through the stuff that floats just outside of outer space which happens to be 100% pure honey.

That's when Julie's wagon got stuck.

She took her shoes off and stepped out into the hot sticky middle of it. She walked for miles and saw lots of pretty smiling barefoot girls trapped in the honey like prehistoric mosquitoes frozen in amber. She walked until her legs wobbled, and she was so exhausted and completely happy that she finally fell asleep and sank into the honey, and was never heard from again. And that's why honey's so sweet.

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