"Hey Chuck. Want me to show you a real easy way to do that?"

"No, thank you."

"It's much easier than what you're doing."

"Nope, I'm fine. But thanks."

"Just let me show you my way and if you still like your way better, then go nuts with it. By all means."

"Listen..... will you shut up? Do you know how many potatoes I've peeled in my life? It's gotta be up in the thousands. I don't need any help with it."

"But what I'm saying is you've peeled thousands of potatoes the hard way. And I feel sorry for you. All I'm trying to do is teach you a fun and fancy short-cut."

"Jesus Christ... Okay, yeah.... show me the miracle method of peeling potatoes, wise master."

"Here... hand me a potato."


"Thanks. Now all you gotta do is....oh... hold up, my phone's ringing.... Yyyyello? ... Really??... OK....I don't think so, why? ....Fine. Goodbye."

"Who was that?"

"My daddy. I gotta run. Sniff you later, Chuckles.

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