"Okay, Grandma. Your MP3 player is all set up. Now you can listen to your golden oldies while Uncle Stanley and lil' Ricky fix the living room floor."

"Oh thank you Brandon! How many jigga bots do I get?"

"8 jigga bots, grandma."


"Yes. Now I loaded all your old records on here and there's still 7.9 jigga bots left. See?"

"Does it just connect to my phonograph?"

"Not unless your phonograph has Bluetooth."

"I think it might, Brandon."

"It doesn't."

"Then how should I listen to my records?"

"With ear buds."

"Air Bud?"

"...Look, just stuff these little headphones in your ears. The music comes out of the buds."

"Owww... These are very unpleasant! Are you playing an MCG?"

"Yes, Grandma... It's playing!!"

"Well I can't hear it!!!"

"You can't hear me or you can't hear the music??!!"


"Grandma!! Take the buds out!!!!!!"

"AIR Bud??!!"

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