Here are some gold-standard ideas I got the other day from a brainstorming session with executives

#1 - Tigerbomb

Young girls enjoy reading silly magazines that have pictures of celebrity teen boys such as: Joey Lawrence, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Elijah Wood. My idea would be to make a series of magazines like that, except they would target specific fetishes. For example, the first one could have pictures of Jonathan Taylor Thomas showing off his feet and fondling his feet and putting his feet in his mouth etc. Then we do a bondage issue with Joey Lawrence. Then another one with Jonathan Taylor Thomas called "Tool Time" where it shows his penis from different angles near power tools. I think there is a lot of picky girls who want specific things and you aren't truly maximizing your profit until you tap into this market.

#2 - Up And To The Right

My TV doesn't come in unless I push the tuner up and to the right. Why should I have to do that? I say I shouldn't. So that's why my latest invention solves this problem by AUTOMATICALLY pushing the tuner up and to the right. What it is, is some metal which I wedge under the tuner, and gravity does the rest. Very cheap to produce, yet mildly-effective to not-effective-at-all. try it or sell the idea to business men see if i give a fuck

#3 - Opera Tuna Tea

It is a cup of tuna flavored tea that sings opera music at a medium volume. And for every cup you buy, you get an OPPORTUNITY to win tickets to the opera. It will sell because of wordplay

A singing trophy fish is stupid. This is a singing cup of tea that actually tastes like tuna and provides a chance to win tickets at a high class event

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