Dear Mom,

Dad took me to the place where he works at today. And it was awesome and it was so cool!! Dad works in a big gigantic giant building with big long halls and big stairs and I got to run up and down the halls and it was awesome!!! And then some lady yelled at me and said I can't run through the halls very much.

I can't wait until I work here and I can run up and down the halls every day and nobody will be allowed to stop me. It will be just so awesome!!! Dad showed me his telephone and how many buttons he has on it. I could not believe it. One button can access the intercom and you can talk to everybody in the whole building. IT IS THE BEST BUTTON I EVER SEEN!!!!!!

And then during lunchtime we ran down the hall holding hands and I got to meet a burrito salesman. And dad bought me a burrito for 40 million billion dollars and I could not even finish it because it was so good and it was too big for my tummy.

And then at the end of the day dad was going through paper work. I don't like that part because it is so boring and I could not talk to him because he was too busy. So I explored the building and I found a lady at another office and I told her HELLO. And she gave me a Werther's Original and I almost choked on it. And dad heard me choking on it and he yelled at the lady and he said "Did you give my son a Werther's Original?" And the lady said, "Yeah. He's a cute kid." And dad said, "Jesus Christ, Allison, he can't have hard candy. He'll choke to death!" And the lady got really scared of dad because he is basically so strong.

So that is all. But it was the best day of my life. I love dad. Can I please come to work with him tomorrow too? Pleeeeeeeeease mom????? Circle one:



George Jr.

P.S. We still can't find the weapons of mass destruction. But I found a awesome Injin-Head nickel in dad's chair crevice and IT IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!! You will love it.

P.P.S. Can Allison please come to my birthday party?

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