Animals I have milked VS. Animals I would milk

Cow - Milked
Goat - Milked
Alpaca - Would Milk
Koala - Milked
Lemur - Milked
Wallaby - Would Milk
Angora Rabbit - Would Milk++
Sloth - Milked
Marmoset - Would Milk++++

Peggy Panda's Hook-up List

Steve the Squirrel - I would let him french me / touch my breast OVER THE SHIRT
Pete the Pelican - I would let him touch my breast under the shirt / finger me
Dan the Donkey - I would let him french me / finger me / maybe give him HJ if he gets a mane-cut
Tim the Tiger - I would do anything he wants LOL / would give virginity / anal /.... SO CUTE!

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