In the year 7010, a terrible meteor shower blasted the Earth like machine gun fire, reducing the once great planet to a smoldering whiffle ball.

Ships sank and putrid waves of muck swallowed the densely inhabited lands and volcanoes destroyed everything else with hot rocks and suffocating ash.

Airplanes were batted from the sky like cat toys, BUT... a single-engine Cessna dodged the meteors and glided aimlessly until enough dust settled around the Scandinavian Peninsula to risk a very bumpy landing, here, in the Garden of Sweden.

This somewhat ludicrous origin story is the oldest historical record that attempts to explain our sparsely populated, moth-eaten planet covered in skeletons and sunken civilizations and kooky weird things that nobody understands. But it seems that a story, no matter how ridiculous-sounding, is true until somebody tells a better one.

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